Online Glaze Workshop 12/1/19

Online Glaze Workshop 12/1/19


Registration fee for an interactive online glaze development + testing workshop!

Sunday, December 1, 2019 2:00 - 4:00pm EST

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of glaze color development through the use of triaxial blends. During the interactive live video lesson, each student will create a 21-point color test based on the addition of 2-3 Mason Stain ceramic pigments in a base glaze recipe. These 21 glaze variations will be applied on a triaxial test tile (included) and must be fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln to see the finished results.

Course registration fee includes:

  • Exclusive access to a 2-hour live, interactive video lesson

  • PDF worksheets to use for this and future triaxial glaze tests

  • 1 lb. of Cone 6 base glaze dry mix

  • 21-point stoneware triaxial test tile

  • Plaster mold of triaxial tile to create future tests

  • (21) 1 oz mixing cups, and (3) 8oz glaze base containers

  • 30-day access to online course materials including short demo video refreshers

Necessary materials not provided: (Note: I will provide links to purchase these materials/tools if you don’t already have them)

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