If you are visiting us here, that probably means you are interested in placing a wholesale order with us! Thanks so much for your interest! The easiest instructions to receive wholesale (50%) pricing through my site are as follows: 

1.  Browse the available inventory on my site: www.brianginiewski.com


2.  Add the items to your cart (minimum of 12 pieces per wholesale order)


3.  Add the product at the very bottom of the page called "International Wholesale Shipping"


*** The " International Wholesale Shipping" product is listed at $200 USD because your discount will apply a 50% discount to all products in your cart, including shipping costs.  International shipping costs vary greatly depending on country.  I will immediately issue a refund to your credit card for any shipping cost paid in excess. ***


4. Apply the promo codes "CUE" and WHOLESALE at checkout


*** I will customize this "cue" promo code for each business who places a wholesale order. For example, if Company A places a wholesale order, they will end up entering promo code "COMPANY-A" and WHOLESALE at checkout. ***


5. Process your order with a credit card, PayPal or ApplePay


After I receive your order, I will pack them up and have them shipped out to you usually within 1-2 business days.


Of course, if this process is not clear, or if you have further questions, do not hesitate to email me at brianginiewski@gmail.com. I would be more than happy to discuss orders with you further. We want you to love your one of a kind ceramic artwork! Thanks again for visiting our site!