Glaze Workshop

Saturday, April 7

12:00 - 5:00 pm

Brian Giniewski Studio

Globe Dye Works

4500 Worth St

Philadelphia, PA 19124

Are you tired of using the same 3 glazes over and over? Are you constantly disappointed with your fired results, or just intimidated by the glazing process in general? This 1-day hands-on workshop in my studio will teach you the fundamentals of glaze color testing through the use of triaxial blends and equip you to do extensive testing in your own studio!

Provided materials:

  • 1 stoneware triaxial glaze testing tile
  • 1 plaster mold to make your own triaxial tiles for future testing
  • Binder with glaze testing instructions + triaxial worksheets 
  • Sample cone 6 glaze base in matte, satin or gloss.  
  • Sample Mason Stains for easy + consistent color testing
  • Rival Bros. coffee + snacks throughout the day

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